Mass Spectrometry Instrumentation and Methods for the Identification and Sequence Analysis of (1) Intact Proteins and Large Fragments on a Chromatographic Time-Scale and (2) Tumor Specific, Post-Translationally Modified MHC Peptides for the Immunotherapy

with Prof. Don Hunt
Tuesday, October 24, 2017
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About This Meeting

This lecture will focus on data generated with an ion source that facilitates simultaneous generation of positively charged sample ions by electrospray ionization and negatively charged reagent ions for both electron transfer dissociation (ETD) and ion-ion proton transfer (IIPT) reactions on Orbitrap mass spectrometers.   Use of IIPT/ETD facilitates near complete sequence coverage on many intact proteins and is ideally suited for locating multiple posttranslational modifications on the same protein molecule. Also discussed is the identification of post-translationally modified, Class I MHC peptides that trigger central memory T-cells to kill cancer cells.  Many of these peptides are found on multiple types of cancer and, thus, are likely candidates for immunotherapy of cancer  

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