Expert Mass Spectrometrist

Basic Qualifications/Experience:

  • PhD in Analytical Chemistry, in a mass spectrometry related discipline, preferably with post-doctoral experience
  • At least 3 years of experience in structural identification using Mass Spectrometry preferably in industry
  • Track record of innovation in the field of mass spectrometry supported by publications and presentations at international conferences

Preferred Qualifications/Experience:

  • Knowledge of state-of-the-art high resolution LC-MS and GC-MS instrumentation (e.g. Q-Tof and Orbitrap) in order to provide key information for projects at all stages of pharmaceutical development (from early phase development to marketed product support).
  • Proven track record of structural characterisation/elucidation work of small molecules by mass spectrometry (LC-MS and/or GC-MS) – identification of metabolites/impurities/degradants by mass spectrometric techniques
  • Experience in analysis of biomolecules by mass spectrometry is an advantage
  • Proven track record  of development of novel  LC-MS and GC-MS methodology
  • Experience in developing quantitative analysis methods using mass spectrometric techniques
  • Experience in regulated GxP laboratory is a plus
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Project leadership skills
  • Knowledge of spectroscopic techniques other than mass spectrometry would be an advantage, e.g. NMR, vibrational spectroscopy
  • Experience in troubleshooting MS methods



Has a role under guidance of the Team Leader to:

Plan, design and execute work/experimental programmes to further the course of Discovery and Development Projects / programmes and enable key decisions, in particular using mass spectrometry expertise (both LC-MS and/or GC-MS qualitative and quantitative).
Ensure appropriate use of mass spectrometry to define control strategies for New Chemical Entities (NCE’s).
Explore and implement innovative mass spectrometry methodology and procedures.
Demonstrate scientific judgement and initiative in the achievement of defined objectives, including technical problem solving.
Demonstrate a sound practical understanding of mass spectrometry and  processes, procedures used in mass spectrometry.
Plan and communicate effectively and identify technical or resource issues and propose/discuss solutions and strategies with team members and more senior staff. 
Demonstrate a high level of problem solving capability and ability to identify and troubleshoot unexpected results or findings.
Contribute to regulatory dossiers and author/review expert reports.
Comply with the requirements of Quality, Safety and GSK policies and procedures and ensure that GSK intellectual property is protected.

Further expectations:

Knowledge of closely related scientific disciplines as they apply to drug discovery/development.
Ability to contribute to and effectively work within matrix teams and with colleagues in other divisions and also colleagues in same divisions e.g. NMR.  
Self motivated flexible approach with good organisational skills and ability to communicate in a scientific manner.
Ability to evaluate potential innovative research areas and/or apply innovative solutions to project problems.
Working knowledge of GxP requirements, SOPs and policies. 
Appropriate knowledge of regulatory requirements as applied to the drug development process.
Operational knowledge of laboratory/plant equipment.
Leadership of cross-functional projects and ability to lead matrix teams
If in a supervisory role, has the ability to supervise, train, develop and motivate others