HPLC troubleshooting

with Imad Haidar Ahmad
Wednesday, April 18, 2018 - Wednesday, April 18, 2018
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About This Course

High-performance liquid chromatography is one of the most used analytical techniques in industry. Regardless of how well-maintained The HPLC system, it is impossible not to run into issues, such as: pressure ripple, artifact peaks, retention time variability, peak shape distortion, etc. Knowledge on how to diagnose, isolate, and fix a HPLC problem is essential for the success of analytical testing.

This course teaches the basics of HPLC troubleshooting by reviewing the most common problems encountered in HPLC analysis. The course is divided into five sections: artifact peaks, retention time variability, peak broadening, baseline noise, and peak area variability. Clues are provided for each section to help diagnosing, confirm, and solving of the chromatographic problem. List of recommendations/best approaches are given at the end of each section.

Over 60 study cases from literature are presented and discussed in this course in an interactive way. The attendees will be involved in solving most of the riddles by pondering upon the root cause and the solution of the presented problems. At the end of the course, a poster summarizing all the problems presented in this course along clues, solutions, and examples from the literature will be provided.

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